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Dragon Law_Labor Consultation


I. Legal Services on Labor:

1. Consult direct legal advice and perform legal services at Dragon Law’s office

2. Consult by telephone number 1900.599.979

3. Consult by email: dragonlawfirm@gmail.com


II. Contents of Labor Legal Consultation:

1. Age to enter the labor contract;

2. Form of labor contract;

3. Content of labor contract;

4. Probation;

5. Compensation of training costs when unilaterally and illegal terminate the labor contract;

6. Temporary suspension of labor contract implementation;

7. Labor contract termination;

8. Unilateral termination of labor contract;

9. Compensation caused to unilaterally and illegal terminate labor contract;


III. Salary Consultation:

1. Payroll forms;

2. Salaries in case of leave of work;

3. Allowances, bonuses, salary increase mode for employees;

4. Salary advances to employees;


IV. Discipline and Compensation:

1. Types on labor discipline;

2. Procedures for labor discipline;

3. Procedures for handling the compensation;


V. Occupational Health and Safety:

1. Regulations on occupational safety, occupational health;

2. Occupational accidents and occupational diseases;

3. Responsibility to support and compensate for employees in case of labor accidents and occupational diseases;

4. Required procedures to pay damages in the event of labor accidents and occupational diseases;


VI. Labor Dispute Resolution:

1. Dispute resolution against labor discipline in the form of dismissal or unilateral termination of labor contract;

2. Dispute of damage compensation, benefits upon termination of the labor contract;

3. Disputes between housemaids and employers;

4. Dispute on social insurance;

5. Disputes over damage compensation between employees and companies or organizations sending laborers to work abroad under contracts.


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