The father/mother of US citizens want to adopt a child from Vietnam must be through the adoption program under a US supplier authorized by the Vietnam government. Dragon Law Firm advises our Customers some typical points of the adoption of US Citizenship:

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1. Immigration Requirements for US adoptions

To bring adopted children from Vietnam to the United States, the adoptive parents must meet the requirements of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. In addition, child adoption must meet the regulations in USCIS to be migrated to the United States under the Visa IH-3 or IH-4 form.

2. Applicant to the Special Adoption Program

The adoptive father/mother must meet all the conditions in USCIS and meet the following requirements:

- Residence:

Vietnam will not require adoptive father/ mother must reside in Vietnam during the regulated time to complete the adoption. However, the adoptive father/mother must return to Vietnam to conduct adoption procedures before Vietnam government legally.

If the adoptive father/mother can’t join and needs their husband or wife to represent in Vietnamese adoption process, Vietnam requests the wife/husband must have written authorization. The Authority Letter must be notarized and authenticated by the Embassy of Vietnam in the United States confirmed.

- Age of adoptive father/mother:

Under Vietnamese laws, adoptive father/mother must be greater than at least 20 years old to adoptive child in Vietnam.

- Regulation of marriage to adoption:

Vietnam laws allows to adopt only when the adoptive father/mother is opposite sex. To married or unmarried homosexual cases, they are still not eligible to adopt a child.

- Income:

There is no application of the minimum income level for the adoption in Vietnam. The Central Committee, Ministry of Justice, Department of Adoption in Vietnam shall assess the economic and health conditions of the adoptive father/mother. The adoptive father / mother must demonstrate that they have capability to care and educate for their foster child.

- Conditions to adoptive father/mother:

Vietnam government will impose criteria and conditions for the adoptive father / mother that they are good ethics, do not impose paternity to the adoptive child, have no previous convictions and not the administrative fine imposed by educational institutions or health.


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