Currently, taxation has always been the leading serious problem for individuals and organizations because the tax law is extremely complex and constantly changing. Then, individuals and enterprises face many difficulties in understanding the provisions of the tax law. Many businesses have violated tax laws, and they have been fined and collected tax arrears because they don’t timely grasp the tax rules or do not know/understand the provisions of the tax laws.

Dragon Law Firm_Tax Consultaion

These above mentioned problems will be solved by Dragon Law Firm. We specializes in tax advice via Hotline 1900.599.979 to help individuals and enterprises in understanding the provisions of the tax law, fast updating tax regulations to avoid infringement activities of tax laws with the most accurate and efficient consultation.

Dragon Law’s typical tax consultation services as below:

1. Consult and support to comply with tax regulations

Dragon Law provides consultation services and supports the compliance with tax regulations such as CIT, VAT, contract tax, PIT, import and export tax, price transfer.

2. Review to comply with tax regulations

Dragon Law shall build the specific regulation of tax compliance review to assure our Clients that tax issues are under control. We provide the outstanding information on tax issues to support our Customers in effective management of these issues. We also support a risk assessment and identify measures to minimize risks.

3. Contact to the competent authorities, manage tax risks and resolve dispute

Through regular contact with the competent authorities, Dragon Law is able to advise Customers about the frequent changes in tax laws as well as support during the tax inspection ...

4. Tax evaluation

Along with other financial advisory team, Dragon Law supports by providing tax appraisal services in a comprehensive manner.


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