The press and media are indispensable friends and accompany the Lawyers through legal journeys, fighting, bringing objective truth and enlightening legal knowledge to readers.

It must be said that Dragon Law Firm, in the process of practicing law, has gone through many ups and downs over the years, to ensure legitimate rights and interests for the people, and bring justice. , fairness, ensuring the rule of law, the indispensable companion and mention of that is the media and press agencies as companions to bring voices, reflect the authenticity and aspects of life, multi-dimensional perspectives of various incidents to give readers a better understanding of life and legal knowledge in the struggle to ensure legitimate rights and interests for clients.

The journey of Lawyers and associates belonging to Dragon law firm, with close coordination with press agencies in particular as well as law offices in general, it can be said that the two fields of law and media are always interconnected and indispensable. To have extensive communication, legal knowledge must be based on the voice of lawyers; questions, letters, and answers to readers' questions are all transmitted through media agencies, with strong contributions. The consulting lawyer's strength has promptly provided readers with a clear understanding and answers to the questions they encountered.

For the Press to cooperate with Lawyers for direct consultation: These are events, hot news, behaviors in daily life, through the statements of lawyers to be a bridge on Newspapers and online newspapers provide readers with a timely way to recognize the humanity in life and legal events that require solutions for people to grasp promptly. for readers to understand clearly so as not to stumble, to convey education, propaganda, and disseminate to limit and avoid violating the law.

With the development of technology and social networks, subjects and criminal gangs rely on them to commit fraudulent acts of property appropriation, and press and media agencies are very effective and timely. grasp and coordinate with lawyers in identifying violations of the law, for better prevention.

With economic cases, in civil relationships, commercial business, criminal matters, marriage, family, land.... It can be said that with the sharp pens of journalists, reporter, not afraid of difficulties, pressure, and danger, accompanied the lawyer through many difficult paths, from collecting evidence, working with witnesses, to fighting to clarify the incident. Clients hire a defense lawyer, or a lawyer to protect their legitimate rights and interests, during the stages of consultation, negotiation, or litigation, and the press's reports are extremely important, reflecting events and phenomena in an objective, comprehensive and timely manner for readers and competent litigation agencies to see the nature of the incident in order to take preventive measures, adjust and thereby imposing sanctions on illegal behavior.

Coming to Dragon Law Firm - Hanoi Bar Association, we can review the press agencies that have actively supported and coordinated with lawyers and companies;

Press agencies: Bao Cong Ly; Bao Phap luat Xa hoi, Bao Lao Dong, Bao Dan tri, Bao vnxpress, Bao Phap luat Plus; Bao VTC News; Bao Lao dong Thu do;

Television agencies: ANTV television; VTV1 television; Hanoi Television; etc

Dragon Law Firm is always proud of having a team of good, reputable and responsible lawyers. On the occasion of Vietnam's traditional press day on June 21 every year, there may be many problems, but in the heart of every lawyer at Dragon Law Firm, there is a special, deep emotion for our fellow journalists. , TV.

Always honor and send Dragon's special gratitude to journalists/reporters.

Wishing all members of the television press agency Health – Success!

Thank you!

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