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1.      Procedures for establishing a partnership:

Step 1: The enterprise’s founder or the authorized person shall apply for enterprise registration at the business registration authority in the business registration authority in charge of the area where the company is headquartered

Step 2: The business registration division shall hand over a dossier receipt to the dossier submitter after receiving an enterprise registration dossier.

Step 3: Within 03 working days from the receipt of the application, the business registration authority shall consider the validity of the application and decide whether to issue enterprise registration. The business registration authority shall inform the applicant of necessary supplementation in writing if the application is invalid.

Step 4: The business registration division shall sufficiently and accurately enter information in the enterprise registration dossier, check the validity of the dossier and upload digitalized documents included in the dossier to the national information system on business registration.

Step 5: Notify the seal sample to the Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment.

Procedure for establishing a partnership is provided in Chapter II Law on Enterprises 2020 and guided in Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP On enterprise registration dated January 4, 2021.

2.      Application for registration of a partnership (Article 20 Law on Enterprises 2020 and Article 22 Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP):

1. A written request for enterprise registration.

2. The company charter.

3. List of members.

4. Copies of:

a/ Legal papers of individuals, for individual members of the company; legal papers of institutions, for institutional members of the company; legal paper of the individual, for the authorized representative, and document on appointment of the authorized representative.

For members being foreign institutions, copies of their legal papers shall be consularly legalized; 

b/ The investment registration certificate, for enterprises established or jointly established by foreign investors or foreign-invested economic organizations in accordance with the Law on Investment and guiding documents.

3.      Assets of a partnership

This content is governed by article 179 Law on Enterprises 2020:

“A partnership’s assets include:

1. Assets that are contributed by the partners and have been transferred to the company;

2. Assets created under the partnership’s name;

3. Assets obtained from business activities performed by general partners on behalf of the company and from business activities of the partnership performed by general partners in their own names;

4. Other assets prescribed by law”.

(Pursuant to Law on Enterprises 2020 and Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP)

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