In the process of representation to recover debt the specialized debt recovery company has encountered so many problems. So, what should you do in this situation? What is the best solution? The good lawyers in Hanoi, Vietnam about debt recovery service will discuss with you more about this issue.

 The debtor does not want to lock the debt amount for so many reasons as follows:


- Due to the dispute and settlement process of debt collection are still on the table;

- In the process of cooperation, because not wanting to lose their  partnerships, they have not urgently asked the debt comparison, the debt comparison notifying, the non-collateralized debtors do not sign the debt confrontation but  the accounting staff still ignores is one of the factors that can cause difficulties for the process of recovering debt after not having written confirmation of the remaining debt;

- Due to the debtor's inability to pay;

- Due to the intention of the debtor to appropriating capital to conduct business without paying interest;

When the debtor refuses to sign the debt, the accountant should do the following:

- When sending the debt confirmation, need to secured delivery, so that there is a third party -  the delivery side to testify that the certificate is sent to the right person.

- If the debtor is still unresponsive, make a debt reminder and delivery guarantee for the debtor. Then call the chief accountant for a few days. If the chief accountant does not cooperate, you should call the finance director or chief executive of that party directly.

- If the debtor is still unresponsive, you make a second debt reminder and then give it to the debt collector of your company to send, this debt collector sits on your partner workplace to wait to collect debt. Every day  this employee goes to the debtor’s office and maintain for about 1 week. When working at the debtor’s workplace,  the debt collection staff remember to bring the minutes of work so that when the debtor is more cooperative, use the minutes immediately to ask the debtor to confirm the repayment date.

- If your debtor still does not have any other response, the debt accountant needs to consider the need for third party intervention such as professional debt collection companies or intervention of competent authorities

- If the third party is working within a month but still does not work, do not collect the debt, then you should prepare the case to file.


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