Although copyright registration procedures are not compulsory but are encouraged to be implemented, especially the copyright registration certificate will help the author not be obliged to prove when the copyright dispute occurs.

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Types of Copyright Registration

- Music works

- Software

- Logo

- Computer program

- Website

- Works of fine art application

Dossiers for copyright registration

To register the copyrights, the applicant (the owner) should prepare the following information and records:

- Valid identity card

- Decision to assign the task (if the author does the labor contract or lease contract to employer)

- Creative commitment of the author

- Sample of the works to be registered to protection

- Mandate contract (if any)

All application shall make in two sets, stamped or signed by the applicant.

Time to register the copyrights

Within 14 working days from the date of submitting the correct and complete application, the applicant will receive a certificate of copyright registration certified by the Copyright Office.

Effect of Copyright Registration Certificate

- Cinematographic works, photographic works, stage works, applied art works and anonymous works shall have a term of protection of fifty (50) years as from the date of first publication. If a cinematographic work or stage work has not been published within fifty (50) years from the date of its formulation, the term of protection shall be calculated from the date of its formulation. When information on the author of an anonymous work appears, the term of protection of such work shall be calculated pursuant to below point;

- Any work not stipulated above shall be protected for the whole life of the author and for fifty (50) years after his or her death. In the case of a work of joint authors, the term of protection shall expire in the fiftieth year after the death of the last surviving co-author;

Place for copyright registration

Apply at the Copyright Office


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