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In order to negotiate effective debt collection through telephone, the debt collector must perform the following six basic steps:

Dragon Law with Steps to Negotiate Debt Collection by Phone:

1. Introduce yourself

Introduce the name, position to make call from any unit / company.

2. Identify the right debtors to negotiate

You need to identify who is talking to you on the phone as your debtor, who has the authority to handle the payment. You should not talk to anyone else to collect a debt even if that person is an attorney, a representative.

It is very difficult to talk properly. Because, the people who deal with them never want to hear, or if they pick it up and let it go. Most of us have to spend a lot of time talking to the competent people because they have to go through such people: clerical staff, supervisors. If you have talked with the right person who is responsible for solving the problem but failing to collect the debt, you should talk to the director, chairman of the highest authority of that unit.

Although, it is a great challenge for you to talk to these important people's debtors. But that is still the job you must do if you do not want / can not meet them directly.

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3. State the payment arising from the economic contract/case

In case you can not remember the debt information arising from which the contract is, how much debt is ... you should write a few lines to help you when the exchange is not missing information. After informing the debtors of how much debt arises from the case or the economic contract, you must proactively propose a plan of payment according to their plan, you should not say: “how do you want to pay?” or “are you paying us?”

By taking the initiative to make such a proposal, there is a greater chance of debt collection.

4. Stop and listen

There are many people worried that debtors do not say. You are assured that debtors will say a lot after they have listened to you talk about the amount of debt and arising from any contract. This step you just silent to listen to them. It is your silence that annoys your customers and quickly fills up the empty space. This way, you have the opportunity to hear the reasons for not paying or the urgent response from them.

Many debt collectors think that this is the easiest step among the remaining steps because we do not have to say anything. In fact, this step requires you to be the most skilled and the most important. It is true that you do not say anything, but it is very difficult for you to hear what people are saying. You listen, remember and understand people say you know the official cause they past the deadline, the obstacles they have not paid. So stop, listen carefully and work with them to find a way to solve the problem satisfactorily is the best chance of debt recovery.

5. Identify problems and solutions

To make the payment request in step 4 above, then the debtor is more likely to occur in the following situations:

- Debtors commit to paying in full

- Debtors do not intend to apply for extension of payment

- Do not agree to pay due to problem remaining to be solved

- Do not agree to pay but do not give a reason

If they promise to pay back the debt: our debt collection is safe, but you should check last time if they really want to pay branches as quickly as possible. Then you can ask them to pay 100% of the debt at the time. If they provide a payment schedule nearest, then okay, if they agree to pay but have conditions then you have to calmly consider settling. However, assuming you do not meet that condition, you should not negate or refute their condition as often as you should.

When the debtor has no intention to extend the payment: when receiving this information, you should not confirm or deny the customer's answer immediately; You should find out what the reason for their extension. If they are financially difficult then you should agree, but you also need to consider the value that they can pay in stages. Debtors will often make a payment plan from small to large until the end; However, we have to ask for payment in the opposite direction.

Disagree on the payment due to two parties: You should clearly discuss the problems that they need to solve. If your credit score is reasonable, you can help solve the problem as quickly as possible. On the contrary, if they give an excuse, then you will know that they will not intend to pay but want to take the capital. You should choose another collection solution that can not make debt collection by phone.

Do not agree to pay but do not give a reason: When you receive such information, it's best to report your supervisor or coordinate with a professional debt collector for processing. Because such objects are certainly for you to recover will not know how much time and ability to earn a percentage of the debt.

6. Finish negotiation

Before the end of the negotiation, you should notice with the debtor about the amount, time and method of payment again.

After hanging up, you must record the entire contents of this debt recovery call. The information you write is as complete and clear as possible. This is the basis for you to track down the debtors are also the basis for debt negotiation table in the future if any arise.

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