Dragon Law with best lawyers in marriage with foreign element provide some legal conditions for any foreigners who would like to adopt Vietnamese children.

Clients can read more information in Article 4, 5, 8, 13 of Law on Adoption 2010.

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Intercountry adoption or adoption with foreign element means the adoption between a Vietnamese citizen and a foreigner, between foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam, and between Vietnamese citizens either of whom settles abroad.

I. Principles of settlement of adoptions

1. When settling adoptions, the right of children to live in the family of origin must be respected.

2. Adoption must ensure the legitimate rights and interests of adopted and adopting persons, free consent, equality, non-discrimination between male and female and non-violation of law and social ethics.

3. Adoption by a person living abroad is allowed only when no domestic substitute family can be found.

Family of origin means the family of persons who have biological ties.

Substitute family means the family that adopts a child.

II. Order of priority in the selection of substitute families

1. The order of priority in the selection of substitute families is as follows:

a. Step father, step mother, natural aunt or uncle of the adopted person;

b. Vietnamese citizens permanently residing in the country;

c. Foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam;

d. Vietnamese citizens settling abroad;

e. Foreigners permanently residing abroad.

2. In case more than one person of the same priority rank seek to adopt a person, adoption shall be considered and settled for the person with the best nurturing, care and education conditions.

III. Persons allowed to be adopted

1. Children under 16 years.

2. Persons aged between full 16 years and under 18 years falling into either of the following cases:

a. To be adopted by the step father or step mother;

b. To be adopted by a natural aunt or uncle.

3. A person may be adopted by only one single person or two persons being husband and wife.

4. The State encourages adoption of orphans, abandoned children and children in other disadvantaged circumstances.

IV. Prohibited acts in adoption

1. Taking advantage of adoption for self-seeking purposes, exploiting the working capacity, sexually abusing, abducting or trafficking in children.

2. Forging papers for adoption settlement.

3. Discriminating between natural and adopted children.

4. Taking advantage of adoption to violate the population law.

5. Abusing the adoption by war invalids, persons with meritorious services to the revolution or ethnic minority persons to enjoy state incentives.

6. Grandparents adopting their grandchildren or siblings adopting one another.

7. Taking advantage of adoption to act against the law or fine national customs, practices, ethics or cultural traditions.


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