Lawyers in marriage and family, Dragon Law Firm, provide with some things to do before filing a divorce or unilaterally divorce.

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During the preparation phase of divorce, most women are often overwhelmed by negative emotions which make them unconscious to deal with their problem, then they maybe get many consequences. Women just think, it's just a change of life, so just make a suitable plan. The lawyers in marriage and the family has provided seven tips for women before filing a divorce or unilaterally divorce.

1. Find a good lawyer in divorce

Take a look, talk to some divorce lawyers' office, and then decide on one. Hire a good lawyer who has experience dealing with family affairs and divorce. Choose a lawyer who is likely to offer a mediator and full cooperation in the process. This will make you and your husband feel comfortable, less expensive in litigation. But if this trend of peace seems unfavorable, your lawyer must be qualified and ready to go along with you.

2. Good financial solution

You need to see the overall picture of your finances and your husband. One of the main goals of the divorce process is to reasonably allocate assets and liabilities. During the divorce negotiation process, you need to know what you own and what debt you have, in two steps:

- Identification of the ownership: Assets throughout the marital process obviously need to be divided fairly. Besides, some other assets such as art works, retirement plans, inheritance, personal belongings should be noted.

- Identification of the debts: Both may have to share the responsibility to pay, not just the individual who names the debt. It is a good idea to have a detailed description of your debts so that the two sides can determine about the specific responsibilities.

3. Proof of income

You need proof of your and your husband's income. If you are a salaried employee, you should list the latest salary months from the bank. Slightly difficult for the case of free labor. In this case, revenue statements should be collected from a variety of banks, including cash receipts. If your husband is the owner, you collect as much information as possible. Specify his actual monthly income. Provide the lawyer with as much data as possible, you can get the best financial division when you divorce.

4. Making financial plan after divorce

How much money do you really need to live for the whole family, including the costs for yourself and your children? Some people suffer significant cost reductions after divorce. List basic costs and arising costs as a budget package. This helps you a lot when negotiating finances with your husband, even when you have to go to court.

5. Handle with general account

Please review the account that the two of you are sharing. Or close immediately or immediately withdraw half the money and open a new account in your name. In the process of divorce, write down every cost you have to spend. If you have a type of account such as stocks, investments ... that you worry he will tamper with it, then notify and make this account suspended. This can make him angry, but it will help you avoid losses later. Also, make sure that all mutual credit card debt is paid.

6. Decide whether or not to go

Many women asked whether to leave home before the divorce and the answer is “no”, unless you are living in violence and sexual abuse. Getting out of your home can be very detrimental to handling your property division. That is not to say, the children and the people you are carrying ... will suffer many direct injuries. Out of the house because of self-interest will benefit your husband only.

In case you are abused, report to your lawyer immediately so that your departure can be witnessed or guided by lawyers, thereby guaranteeing your benefit later.

7. Do not act too inordinate

Do not be discouraged and go out much or party or dating around ... Many women are involved in a relationship with a third party, the judge can ask the question of disadvantage. Spend lots of time with your children and friends. Treat your child not to hurt anymore. This is the time to live as yourself, so be alert, be loving yourself, be active to support you.


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