When conflicts arise or civil work arises, the  guaranteed rights to the maximum extent legitimate rights and interests is suitable aspirations of the subjects in the legal relationship of marriage and family.

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Empathy and sharing the above aspiration, Dragon Law Firm provides legal services related to marriage and family in Vietnam and foreigner as follows:

Advising on the implementation of procedures to civil and non-litigation for the relevant parties in the settlement of marriage-family issues.

- Consult the general provisions of the Law on Marriage and the Family

- Consult on marriage law, conditions for marriage, administrative procedures for marriage registration

- Legal advice on divorce, conditions for divorce, divorce proceedings, violation acts in monogamy

- Counsel in custody, child support

- Consult on the property of husband and wife, common property, general debt, division of common property in the period of marriage, personal property, private debt

- Counsel on adoption procedures

- Consult on family law involving foreign elements.

- Request to cancel the illegal marriage

- Request for recognition of consent for divorce, child raising, asset division upon divorce

- Request for recognition of an agreement on change of the custodian after divorce

- Request to limit the right of fathers and / or mothers to the juvenile or the rights to visit children after divorce

- Request to the termination of adoption

- Request to the recognition and enforcement of the verdict, decision of marriage or family of the foreign court in Vietnam or the non-recognition of the verdict, decision of the marriage and family of the foreign court without enforcement in Vietnam

- Other requirements on marriage and family as provided by the law.




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