Personal and organization psychological do not relate the government, or the court to settle their matters, they want to deal with it soon, then often to hire “gangsters” or the collection agency. Dragon Law Firm with years of experience in debt collection, will advise or be as authorized representative to negotiate to collect debt for customers, in case of difficulties, the cases should be brought to the litigation agency to resolve.

Lawyers specialize in dispute over conventional debt has defined two different forms:


1. Competence of civil court about bad debt recovery:

a. Personal loans or organization loan for the right purpose, but no ability to pay, leading to prolong debt payment

b. Personal loans or organization loan with capability to pay but avoid to pay and make troubles to the debt collectors

Loans to business and losses or personal consumer loans cannot pay back, which led to the disputes is a civil transaction, then the competent authority to resolve is the court.

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2. Investigative agencies to solve the criminal cases related to debts from individuals, organizations, or money received by promise

a. Borrowing by individuals or organizations for wrong purposes by fraudulent acts to create the confidence of lenders and then fled by many deceitful tricks to appropriate property.

b. Get the money for promised job, or the job does not exist in order to appropriate to the amount by borrowing methods or a receipt. The person to receive that money who know that he/she cannot have ability to do it, but do not pay it back or escape.

c. Other transactions in the process of receiving cash or property, or promise with the original intent and purposes to appropriate money or property from starting phrase, or conscious deceit, abusing trust or subjective, positions, bribery ... The above mentioned acts depending on the specific case, the prosecution in the investigation process may apply the criminal law provisions to deal with.

To understand is civil or criminal case, Customers should look for reputable and experienced lawyers in resolving disputes. Any lawyer's office in Hanoi or in cities, about the psychology of the customer as well as lawyers are keen to settle quickly and not resolved by way of a court or judicial agencies but by agreement and conciliation. That is the success of the lawyers as well as the desired aspirations of the Client.


Counsel for bad debt recovery will help his client shortest route and the fastest, most convenient ways in compliance with the law during dispute resolution.

Speaking to a lawyer's office in Hanoi, Dragon Law Firm in debt recovery has experience with the skills and mentality legal determination of the client's profile, we offer legal advice, gather evidence to verify the source, negotiations on the basis of respect for the rights of the parties, the authorized representative to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Clients in proceedings. Further, in case the court has its judgement about the debt cases, on behalf of Clients we will work with enforcement agencies until the work is completed.

Please feel free to call hotline 1900.599.979 for debt collection service.

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