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1. Conditions for registration of commercial franchising

- Registration of the franchise must have business system has been operated for at least 01 year

- In case Vietnamese traders is the primary franchisee from the franchisor abroad, Vietnamese traders must follow the franchise mode for at least 01 year in Vietnam before the sub-franchising

- Already registered to conduct commercial franchising with competent agencies as prescribed (Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Department of Industry and Trade)

- To meet the conditions of goods and services by which goods and services are subjects of the franchise and the goods and services are not on the list of goods and services banned from business

- In case the goods and services on the list of goods and services of business restrictions, list of conditional goods, services, enterprises is only operating after authorities granted business licenses, equivalent papers or business is eligible


2. Consult on franchise registration

- Legal aspects of distribution activities in the form of franchising

- Issues relating to the operation of domestic franchise, the franchise from abroad into Vietnam and from Vietnam to foreign countries, with special support in the legal aspects relating to commercial law, competition law, contract law and the law on intellectual property.

- Working with foreign partners in the field of distribution in the form of franchising

- Consulting business registration and establishment of enterprises to carry out the franchise operation

- Drafting, amendment, supplement, recommend the risks, propose solutions and support to participate in negotiations to sign a contract

- Participate in the franchise agreement negotiations and implementation of the system

- Advice on drafting registration dossiers

- Carry out procedures, translation services, notarization, authentication of documents for the registration of commercial franchising activities in Vietnam

- Carry out procedures for registration of commercial franchising activities as authorized by the customer at the Department of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade

- Conduct additional registration procedures, registration of adjustment


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