Enterprise conversion is the current popular activity. Having many years of experience in enterprise, Dragon Law with a team of lawyers specializing in company type conversion will give Clients the best legal consultation service in the cheapest cost.

Converting the enterprise type is part of the company restructuring. Enterprise conversion is changing this company type to other types to better suit the size, growth and the orientation of the enterprise. On the other hand, the transformation of enterprise types also help company not be dissolved due to insufficient minimum number of members.

Dragon Law-Company conversion

Under the Law on Enterprise 2014 and guiding documents, the companies can convert their type based on the following ranges:

1. Converting a limited liability company into a joint-stock company (JSC)

2. Converting a JSC into a single-member limited liability company

3. Converting a JSC into a multi-member limited liability company

4. Converting a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company

Under the enterprise laws and regulations, the enterprises must apply the type conversion documents and implement procedures in the Business Registration Office, Provincial Department of Planning and Investment or city where the enterprise is located. Company has also change its seal and tax code at the same time.


Legal advice services at Dragon Law on the transformation of the company types including but not limit to:

1. Consult the type of company transformation

2. Draft documents to company type conversion

3. Registration for company transformation

4. Registration for company seal

5. Change the tax code


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