Duties and Powers of Supreme People’s Court

1. The Supreme People’s Court is the highest judicial body of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Supreme People’s Court shall review according to cassation or reopening procedure in accordance with the procedural law judgments and decisions of courts which have taken legal effect and are protested against.

2. To supervise the adjudicating work of other courts, except cases prescribed by a law.

3. To make overall assessment of adjudicating practices of courts, ensuring the uniform application of law in trial.

4. To train and retrain judges, assessors and other staffs of people’s courts.

5. To manage people’s courts and military courts organizationally in accordance with this Law and relevant laws, ensuring independence of courts from one another.

6. To submit to the National Assembly draft laws and resolutions; to submit to the National Assembly Standing Committee draft ordinances and resolutions in accordance with law.

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Organizational Structure of the Supreme People’s Court

1. The organizational structure of the Supreme People’s Court consists of:

a. The Judicial Council;

b. The assisting apparatus;

c. Training institutions.

2. The Supreme People’s Court has the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justices, judges, examiners, court clerks, other civil servants, public employees and employees.


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