Dragon Law Firm, found in 2009, with long time of legal consultation services and lawyers relating activities would like to introduce about the organization of Vietnamese People’s Court system.

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People’s Courts have the duty to safeguard justice, human rights, citizens’ rights, the socialist regime, the interests of the State, and the lawful rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

Through their activities, courts shall contribute to educating citizens in the loyalty to the Fatherland, strict observance of law, respect for rules of social conduct and the sense of struggle to prevent and combat crimes and other violations.

Organization of People’s courts

1. Supreme People’s Court.

2. Superior People’s Courts.

3. Courts of provinces and centrally run cities.

4. Courts of rural districts, urban districts, towns, provincial cities and the equivalent.

5. Military courts.

Judgments and decisions of People’s Courts which have taken legal effect shall be respected by agencies, organizations and individuals and strictly observed by concerned agencies, organizations and individuals.

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