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Dragon Law-Negotiation tip

What is Negotiation Process?

To get the best outcomes, you need to understand the steps involved in the negotiation process.

Planning Negotiation

Plan both your approach to the subject under negotiation, and your tone and communication style. In approaching the subject of your negotiations:

1. Set your objectives clearly in your own mind

2. Determine what you'll do if the negotiation fails

3. Determine your needs, the needs of the other party and the reasons behind them

4. List, rank and value your issues

5. Analyse the other party

6. Conduct research and consult with colleagues and partners

7. Rehearse the negotiation

8. Write an agenda - discussion topics, participants, location and schedule.

In deciding your communication style, familiarise yourself with successful negotiating strategies.

During Negotiation

1. Introduce yourself and articulate the agenda

2. Propose

3. Check your understanding of the other party´s proposal

4. Remember your objectives.

5. Discuss concepts and ideas.

6. Consider appropriate compromises, then make and seek concessions.

7. Suggest alternative proposals and listen to offered suggestions.

8. Give and take.

Closing Negotiation

Take a moment to revisit your objectives for the negotiation. Once you feel you are approaching an outcome that is acceptable to you:

1. Look for closing signals

2. Articulate agreements and concessions already made

3. Make 'closing' statements

4. Get agreements in writing as soon as you can

5. Follow up promptly on any commitments you have made


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