Disputes arising in business activities process are unavoidable. Dragon Law Firm provide representative services of lawyers to make complaint in economic, commercial cases to protect our Customers in dispute resolution with the most quick and convenient methods.

Dragon Law_Representative Complaint 

I. Complaints:

1. Business disputes:

a) Sales contract;

b) Services supply;

c) Distribution;

d) Agent/ representative;

dd) Consignment;

e) Hire, rent

g) Building

h) Consultation, technique;

i) Transportation of goods and passengers by rail, road and inland waterways;

k) Transportation of goods and passengers by air, sea;

l) Buying and selling shares, bonds and other valuable papers

m) Investment, finance and banking;

n) Insurance;

o) Exploration and exploitation

Note: If the respondent resided, worked (if defendant is an individual) or based (if defendant is the organization) in District 5 and District 11 of HCMC, the disputes from Point a to Point i will be directly conducted in the district People's Court due to jurists have been rights there.

There are disputes with parties or assets abroad or requested judicial mandate for consulates of Vietnam in foreign countries or foreign court are not under the jurisdiction of the district People's Court and is under the jurisdiction of resolution at First Instance Court in the city People's Court (unlimited disputed value).

2. Disputes over IP rights, technology transfer between individuals and organizations together and have a profit.

3. Dispute between the company and company members, company members together concerning the establishment, operation and dissolution, merger, consolidation, division, separation, transformation of company organization.

II. Requests:

1. Requests relating to the Vietnam Trade Arbitration's disputes settlement in accordance with the law on Commercial Arbitration.

2. Request for recognition and enforcement of judgments in Vietnam on judgments, commerce and business decisions of foreign Courts which are requested enforcement in Vietnam.

3. Request for recognition and enforcement in Vietnam commerce and business decisions of foreign Commercial Arbitration.

III. Plaintiff's choice

a) If the respondent is not known where he/she resides, works, locates, the plaintiff may request the Court where the respondent resides, works, eventually bases or where the respondent has property to be settled;

b) If any dispute arising from the activities of the branch of organizations, the plaintiff may request the Court to which the organization is based or where the organization has branches to be settled;

c) If the respondent has no place of residence, work, based in Vietnam, the plaintiff may request the Court where his/her resides or works to be settled;

d) If disputes on compensation of non-contractual damages, the plaintiff may request the Court where his/her resides, works, locates office or where the damages are occurred to be settled;

dd) If any dispute arising from the contractual relationship, the plaintiff may request the Court where the contract is made for settlement;

h) If the respondent resides, works, based in different places, the plaintiff may request the Court where one of the respondents resides, works, or bases to be settled;

i) If real estate disputes that real estate in many different localities, the plaintiff may request the Court where one of the real estate located to be settled. /.


- Detention

- Contract or the others with same valid as contract.

- Annex (if any)

- Contract guarantee as pledge, mortgage, property (if any).

- Documents on the contract implementation such as delivery, acceptance, payment vouchers, contract liquidation minutes and minutes of work on outstanding debt;

- Documents on the legal status of the petitioner, of the parties and other relevant persons such as licenses, business establishment decision, certificate of business registration; charter, assignment or business representative nomination.

- Other transaction documents (if necessary);

- List of attached documents.

Note: The above documents need to be translated to Vietnamese by competent organizations if they are foreign-language documents.

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