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Services content of debt collection from Dragon Law Firm are outlined as follows:

1, Customers:

- Individual requests debt collection from individual

- Individual requests debt collection from organization

- Individual requests debt collection from enterprise

- Organization requests debt collection from individual

- Organization requests debt collection from organization

- Enterprise requests debt collection from individual

- Enterprise requests debt collection from enterprise

2, Type of debts:

- Debts arising from borrowing of assets but not paid

- Debts arising from breach of contracts

- Debts from non-contractual liability. . .

3, Document receipt:

Customer provide all documents related debts as below:

- For enterprise: certificate of business registration and the entire debt documents (if any) such as contracts, invoices, delivery bills, verification of the debt. . .

- For individual: ID card and all debt documents as evidence (if any) such as debt certificates, debt promissory note, loan documents . . .

4, Debt document verification:

- Verify the legality of the debt documents is reviewed against the entire documents provided with sufficient legal basis or not

- Verify the debtor may exist in reality or not

- Verify ability to pay debt

5, Debt recovery negotiation:

- Over the course of document verification, Dragon Law shall appoint lawyers who conduct debtor exposure by email or directly meet the debtor to negotiate on settlement. During this time if the debtor is willing to cooperate and pay the debt, Dragon Law will recover the debt in the form of negotiation.

- In case the debtor does not express any willingness to settle, Dragon Law will conduct the necessary legal procedures to sue.

6, Petition for debt collection:

After approaching the debtor to negotiate debt recovery, however, it can not be reached. Dragon Law shall conduct the legal procedures to lodge complain as below:

- Making the petition

- Filing a petition

- Participate in court when the court summons

- Guide to request the enforcement of judgments. . .

- During this period, Dragon Law will appoint our lawyer as representative on behalf of customers to presente in court to protect the customers’ interests.

With reasonable costs, Dragon Law is pleasure to serve our Customers in the best quality services on debt collection. Detailed information please contact Dragon Law as below:


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