However, in the context of Vietnam today's society, many law students in formal school or informal school after graduation are very difficult to survive in trained vocation. The proof is that many young people have  to abandon his dream of pursuing the legal profession. But if you have dreams and the determination to pursue it you will be a good lawyer, because becoming a good lawyer is a multidisciplinary process that you shall be equipped with knowledge, skills training and moral qualities to practice law. Right now, what do you do to become a good lawyer?

No good lawyer without skills

Certainly, the legal profession not only requires the capacity, but also requires many important skills which are indispensable sharp thinking skills, logic and analysis skills, multidimensional recognition.

To do that you have to practice the following skills:

1. Actively access to knowledge and training skills:

That's what a law student should do and to do in school to become a good lawyer in the future.

Methods of our study is most passive method now. Students go to school to listen to lectures, write it all and do all the exercises instead of the newer approaches of knowledge from the real issues. Very rarely, the students actively participate in the social issues of the teacher lectures to exploit and analyze the discussed issues in the lecture.

The legal profession is a profession requiring initiative, because the law was born to help others solve their problems, so if you start with a passive attitude and a passive habit, how can you success and get a good job? You want to work for a law firm or open your own lawyers’s office, you need to have all the best and necessary knowledge so that you could have thought of these things.

Thus, advice for you to study law is that you shall have a passion for the legal profession, learn actively, access to knowledge not only through books, through documents, through documents, but also through approaching the problem of everyday life dynamically and looking at it on the law, that is the way a good lawyer pursue their careers. So you will become a provider of legal services and when you leave school, society always need you.

2. Reading skill:

Reading is an important skill. You cann’t be able to absorb all the contents of the book, if you only read in the first time. Please read again them the 2nd, 3rd, in each reading, you will get a lot of new knowledge for the same book. Besides that, the support tools such as a finger, thumb, note paper will help you better to remember the most important things in the book. Do not hesitate to write in the book you just bought because what we need after reading is the accumulated knowledge, not a book is still beautiful and still new.3. Research skill:

In 4 years of college students, if you had never studied even a small theme or a simple matter, it would have been a disadvantage and omissions. Research skill is an important skill to become a good lawyer. You should research, study " initiate the unknown source and create things that doesn’t appear ". Research skill is convergent of thinking abilities to search topic, search documents, comparing and questioning abilities, and ending the problem. These are basic exercises to lay the foundation of your professional practice in the future. If you don’t know how to research, when you step into a career, you can not read the case file, you can not write an "argument" well. Thus, try your best to make scientific research, writing to gain further knowledge and thinking capabilities.

4. Speaking and presentation skill:

Speaking is the characteristic of the legal profession and especially with the lawyers. You have to convey the words, the views to  legal proceeding-conducting agencies to protect your client or you have to become a talented negotiator in a commercial enterprise. So speaking is an important skill, and of course it needs to be trained from student period.

Stutter, lisp or local languages will be obstacles for you to become a good lawyer. So let's practice to break this limitation habit. Practice the habit of talking slowly, shortly and concisely. The words of the lawyer will become steely, eloquent and convincing if you can say clear, timely, and winning the point.

Finally, I want to send you a saying that I totally agree: "It is not noble profession for man, but man created honor for the profession ". So now we are trying to train and build for ourselves a path and I believe that in the path, there will be many people becoming highly skilled lawyers.

" The professional does not create honour for man, that man created honour for the professional". So, now, we have to try to train and build for ourselves a path, and I believe that in the path, there will be many skilled defence attorneys.


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