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Circular 35/2014 / TT-BCA provides for this procedure as follows:

1. In order to be granted KT3 (long-term temporary residence registration), the following documents should be prepared:

a / A note on change of household registration, household registration; Demographic declaration (for cases where declarations must be made);

b / Papers and documents evidencing lawful domiciles as provided for in Article 6 of Decree No. 31/2014 / ND-CP. In the case you have no house but have a household registration book or temporary residence permit for temporary residence, you do not need to produce documents which proving your legal residence.

c, Presenting people's identity cards or papers certified by police of communes, wards or townships where they reside.

2. The temporary residents who are approved by the household owner to enter their temporary residence book or agree to register the temporary residence at the place of permanent residence of the owner of household, the consent must be recorded in the report on change of household registration, household registration , full name and date of birth.

3. Temporary residence registrants shall submit temporary residence registration dossiers at commune / ward / township police offices”

The residence law provides for this issue as follows

Article 20.- Conditions for permanent residence registration in centrally run cities:

Citizens in one of the following cases may register permanent residence in centrally run cities:

1. Having a lawful domicile, in case of permanent residence registration in a district or town under a centrally-run city, such person must have a period of temporary residence in that city for one year or more, in case of permanent residence registration a city under central authority, people must have a period of temporary residence in that city for two years or more;

2. Being granted a household registration book by his / her household registration book in one of the following cases:

a / The wife joins her husband; husband stays with his wife; children go home with their parents; father, mother to stay with his/her children;

b) Persons who have expired their working age, retired, gone out of retirement or resigned from their jobs go to stay with their siblings;

c / Persons with disabilities, labor incapacitations, persons suffering mental diseases or other diseases, who lose their cognitive ability and / or control ability to live with their siblings, aunts, uncles or uncles , uncle, guardian;

d / Minors who are no longer having fathers or mothers or having fathers or mothers but whose parents can not live with him/her, grandparents, siblings, siblings, aunts, uncles, guardian;

e / The single adult who stays with his grandmother, grandfather, sibling, aunt, uncle;

e) Grandparents live with their grandchildren;

3. To be mobilized or recruited to work at agencies or organizations receiving salaries from the State budget or under the regime of indefinite-term contracts and lawful domiciles;

4. Having previously registered for permanent residence in a centrally-run city, to return to that city at his / her lawful domicile;

5. In the cases stipulated in clauses 1, 3 and 4 of this article, permanent residence in a lawful domicile, which is leased, borrowed or resided by an individual or organization, must satisfy all the following conditions:

a / To ensure the average area under the City People's Council's regulations;

b / Having the certification by the commune / ward / township People's Committee of the average land acreage;

c / To be agreed upon in writing by the lessor, lender or house owner;

* The procedures for permanent residence registration are as follows:

1.  Dossiers of permanent residence registration, including:

- Demographic declaration (form HK01);

- Report on change of household registration, change of people (form HK02);

- A household registration transfer permit (for cases of being transferred outside the territory of a commune or township of a province, a town or city of a province, a district or town of a city directly under the Central Government);

- Papers and documents evidencing the lawful domicile, temporary residence book or temporary residence certificate.

2. The place to register: District Police Department

3. Time limit for settlement:


Within 15 days after receiving complete dossiers, competent agencies shall issue household registration books to citizens. In case of refusal, they must grant a written reply stating the reasons.

4. Fees: According to regulations of each district.

* Temporary residence registration:

1. A dossier for temporary residence registration comprises:

- Demographic declaration (form HK01);

- Report on change of household registration, change of members (form HK02);

- Documents evidencing the lawful domicile (except for cases where the householder has a household registration book or a temporary residence permit for temporary residence registration, he / she does not need to show accommodation papers). For cases of renting, borrowing or staying at lawful domiciles, when registering their temporary residence, they must give their consent for temporary residence registration of the lessors, sign, clearly stating the full name and date of birth.

- To produce the people's identity card or paper with the certification of the police of the commune, ward or township where he / she has registered his / her permanent residence.

2. Where to file the dossiers: Ward’s Police Office where that person temporary resides

3. Time limit for settlement:

Within 02 working days from the date of filing full dossier, citizens will be allowed to register temporary residence and issue temporary residence book.

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