One of the best law firm in Hanoi, Dragon Law provide lawyer for consultation services to buy companies with specific tasks as follows:

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- Advise on the procedure and conditions for selling the company

- Advise on the legal status of the new owner when the transaction is completed

- Advise on the legal responsibility of the new legal representative of the company

- Draft and consult the terms of the contract between the companies and the new legal representative

- Consult and prepare of the Sales Contract of Enterprise, Contract of transfer of capital among shareholders, members of the company

- Carry out procedures to change the new owner of the company at the competent State agency

- Dossier to complete the procedures to buy the company

In order to carry out the above legal procedures, the company needs the assistance of lawyers to prepare the following legal documents:

- Consult and prepare the application file and register the change of company owner

- Work with the parties and draft sales contract of company, transfer contract among members

- Draft a Statement explaining the reason for modifying the Investment Certificate.

- Draft a report on the investment project implementation when submitting the file to the appropriate authority

- Draft and amend the Charter of the company

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