Best law firm in valuation of the intellectual property assets in Vietnam, Dragon Law would like to provide to clients with some factors to consider about the cost for evaluation of intellectual property (IP) assets.

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1. Factors for valuation of intellectual property assets:

When assessing the value of an IP asset, an enterprise normally needs to rely on the following elements of the asset:

- Scope and strengths of the protection claimed by the subject of intellectual property

- Difficult level to infringe intellectual property rights

2. Method of IP asset valuation

In this case, the method for valuation depends on the costs. Accordingly, client will have to provide relevant documents corresponding to the value of each work that client expects from the time of beginning to issuance of intellectual property rights certificates including:

- Contracts, invoices related to the design

- Contracts and invoices related to advertising costs

- Contracts, invoices related to the cost of trademark registration ...

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