When a Vietnamese inventor has developed a new, inventive, and commercially viable technological solution, it may be possible to register an invention/ a patent in Vietnam to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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One advice for Vietnamese inventors is to ask for consultation from the intellectual property lawyers to learn about patent protection registration procedures as well as to avoid unfortunate incidents of disclosure of patent information.

Prestigious lawyers in Vietnam in investment, contracts, debt collection, internal company dispute resolution ... Dragon Law introduces the concept of invention in Vietnam and the patent registration service, to promote the ability to innovate and exploit the commercial aspect of the invention.

1. Guidelines for registration of invention/patent in Vietnam

In order to be able to register for patent protection in Vietnam, applicants must meet the following criteria:

a. Standards of protection, conditions for patent registration:

- New characteristics (not exist on the market ...)

- Creative level

- Ability to apply industry

b. Effect of protection title: 20 years from filing date.

c. Registration time:

An application for registration of a patent/invention will undergo two stages as follows:



Content to verify

1. Stage for form

01 month

Formal verification of application; if pass, the notice for effective application will be published.

2. Stage for publicity

19 months

Publish the invention information in IP magazine

3. Stage for content

18 months

Verify the ability to meet patent protection standards


d. Documents for registration:

- Power of attorney (on request form)

- Name and address of applicant, author of invention

- The name of the invention and the classification of the invention

- Patent description; summary; claims and drawings (if applicable)

After receiving the above documents for the preparation, applying the documents necessary for the invention registration at the National Office of Intellectual Property.

2. Registration fee:

The patent registration fee depends on the length of the description, the patent classification fee, the number of independent claims ...

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