Best law firm in Vietnam in labors and social insurance, Dragon Law support local and foreign companies the all procedures to prepare when the labor and social insurance inspectors at the district level come to check whether the operation of labor or social insurance is compling with the law or not.

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The files that companies should prepare:

I. General operation report of company

II. Dossiers for Labor-Insurance Inspection:

1. Enterprise registration certificate; investment registration certificate (if any)

2. Labor contracts

3. Work permits (if having foreign laborers)

4. Increase/decrease labor declaration

5. Report on social insurance books, expense, application, health insurance paper

6. Labor discipline documents, termination of labor contracts

7. Wage scale, payroll

8. List of signature for salary receipt of labors

9. Attendance lists

10. Regulation to pay salary, bonus ...

11. Labor regulation

12. Collective labor agreement

13. Health check records for labors

14. Report on occupational health and safety

15. Test records to the working environment

16. Personal protective equipment (equipment, monitoring book, type and number of personal protective equipment provided)

17. Training on occupational safety and health (number of trainees, number of grantees).

18. Labor protection plan.

19. Develop internal rules and procedures for labor safety and sanitation for machines, post regulations at the workplace.

20. Dossiers of registration and inspection of machines, equipment and supplies subject to strict labor safety and sanitation requirements.

21. Books for monitoring the information of machinery and equipment.

22. Payment vouchers to trade union fees.

23. Regulations on vocational training

 24. Other regulatory documents of the enterprise

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