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1. The State encourages the parties to land dispute to reconcile themselves or to resolve land disputes through conciliation at the grassroots.

2. Land disputes which the disputing parties fail to settle shall be sent to the commune-level People's Committees where the land is located to be reconcile.

3. Chairperson of commune-level People's Committees shall organize the reconciliation of land disputes in their respective localities; In the process of organizing the implementation, he/she must coordinate with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees of the commune and other social organizations. Procedures for reconciliation of land disputes at the commune-level People's Committees shall be carried out within 45 days after the receipt of the written requests for settlement of land disputes.

4. The reconciliation must be recorded in minutes signed by the parties and certified by the sucessful conciliation or unsuccessful conciliation of the commune-level People's Committees. The conciliation minutes shall be sent to the disputing parties and kept at the commune-level People's Committees of the place where exists the disputed land.

5. In the case of successful conciliation and there are changes in the status of the land boundary and/or the land user, the commune-level People's Committees shall send the conciliation minutes to the Division of Natural Resources and Environment in case of land dispute among households, individuals and communities; and shall send to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for other cases.

The Division of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment shall submit to the People's Committees of the same level for decision the recognition of the change of land boundaries and the issuance of new certificates of land use rights and ownership of houses and otehr properties attached to the land.

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