Dragon Law appoints litigation lawyers at the courts at all levels as required by clients.

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Litigation Services of Dragon Law

1. Defend and protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients or representatives of clients involved in the settlement of civil, economic, commercial, labor, marriage and family disputes at courts; arbitration;

2. Consult and guide clients to take legal action;

3. Draft the application form (the petition, the appeal), the documents sent to the competent agencies (proposals in the proceedings; petition for appeal, request for judgment execution ...);

4. Search the dossiers and law provisions related to specific cases;

5. Exchange and guide the clients to collect evidence, provide information;

6. Collect evidence through contacts with relevant individuals, organizations and agencies;

7. Meeting and discussion with the bodies conducting the proceedings (investigating bodies, procuracies, courts, judicial executives), arbitration agencies to best protect their legitimate rights and obligations;

8. Take part in litigation at courts and arbitration agencies to protect legitimate rights and interests of clients;

9. Representative outside the proceedings.

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