Dragon Law Firm got a question from our client.

“Dear best lawyer in Hanoi, would you tell me what the defense lawyers will do in the litigation process? Thank you so much.”

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The best lawyer in Hanoi with high experience lawyers in the litigation process at the court, Dragon Law would like to tell you that defense lawyers in litigation process shall do much thing depended on the specific cases. As Dragon Law’s legal services, our defense lawyers will participate in the litigation stages as follows:

Defense Lawyer with Pre-Proceedings Stage

Our lawyers will advise on the following content:

- Determine the relationship in dispute;

- Define the object and scope of litigation;

- Orientation of the case;

- Collect documents and evidence;

- Conciliation and negotiation between the parties;

- Draft and finalize the lawsuit petition;

- File a lawsuit;

Defense Lawyer with Litigation Stage

Our lawyers will advise and engage with clients in the following content:

- Provide the evidence and complete the case files;

- Draft the necessary documents related to the content of the dispute;

- Negotiate, conciliate before and during the litigation stage (for civil, economic, family marriage cases ...)

- Draft, send the written comments on defense, protect clients;

- Defend and protect the interests of clients at court sessions;

Defense Lawyer with Post-Litigation Stage

Our lawyers will advise and engage with clients in the following content:

- Determine the basis for complaints and appeals against judgments or decisions of competent agencies;

- Draft the Complaint letter, the Appeal letter;

- Preparation of the dossier and necessary documents for the next stages;

- Submission of the request for judgment execution, postponement of execution of the judgment ...

- Speed up the judgment execution process;

- Ensure the interests of clients are fully implemented.

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