In the commercial litigation practice, more and more cases or disputes between parties are settled by arbitration instead of by traditional courts. The practice of commercial disputes through the arbitration from the advice of the best law firm in investment dispute resolution has shown the following advantages:

1. The arbitral award is final and therefore it is binding on the parties. Arbitration will take place at a single level of jurisdiction, which is also a fundamental difference from court. The arbitral tribunal, after the verdict, has fulfilled its duties and terminated its existence.

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2. The operation of the arbitrator is ongoing because the arbitral tribunal shall handle the case is chosen by the parties, or appointed to settle the case so that the arbitrators are the followers. From the beginning to the end, so they have the conditions to grasp and thoroughly understand the circumstances of the case. This is beneficial even if the parties always mediate or resolve disputes through negotiation, the arbitration may assist the parties in reaching an agreement, which is seldom in the court.

3. The arbitrator judges under confidentiality by the arbitration process is distinctive. Most arbitration laws of all states recognize the confident arbitration principle unless the parties agree otherwise. This is an important advantage because company does not want the details of the dispute to be disclosed publicly to the court, which company is always considered the best in their business.

4. During the trial, the arbitration rule allows the parties to use the experience of the experts and this is expressed in the arbitrator's choice of the parties. The parties may choose an Arbitration Council based on their level of competence, their firm understanding of international trade law, specialized areas such as licensing, leasing, import and export of goods and services, intellectual property, securities ...

5. The arbitral tribunal's ongoing in the trial thus it can save time, money .. while resolving disputes with the court is often difficult to achieve because courts must deal with multiple disputes at the same time.

6. Dispute resolution by arbitration demonstrates dynamism, flexibility, so as to adapt more than dispute resolution by the court. The court, when adjudicated, must strictly and strictly abide by the procedural provisions regulated in the Civil Procedure Code and relevant guiding documents.

7. The arbitration of the dispute will ensure high confidentiality and will thus prevent the parties from compromising their existing co-operative relationship, while adjudicating publicly at courts often make it easy for parties to confront each other with the outcome when one party is recognized as the winner and the other as a loser.

With such advantages, arbitration is increasingly becoming a viable form of commercial litigation, and is widely accepted by parties outside the courts.

Dragon Law’ Legal Service in Investment Dispute Resolution:

1. Advise clients on the procedure for the lawsuit and the jurisdiction to settle the dispute;

2. Advise clients on the choice of arbitration to settle disputes;

3. Consult clients in the selection, construction of arbitration proceedings;

4. Advise clients on the selection of arbitrators;

5. Appoint the lawyers participating with clients in the meeting, presenting the requirements and evidence as the legal basis for the request, arguing with the opponent to clarify the truth and the legal issues to best protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients;

6. Fulfil the other requests of clients

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