Customers using the legal services of Dragon Law always receive full consultation and care in all aspects related to M & A activities. Please contact to the legal advice services hotline of 1900.599.979 for more support.

Dragon Law_best company in merger and acquisition in vietnam


Legal Services for Buyer:

1. Search for a target enterprise that matches the buyer requirements

2. Conduct a review of trade activities

3. Advise the Buyer on the selection of appropriate consultants on financing, technology ...

4. Consult and support in negotiation

5. Consult and support to handle problems arising after the purchase

6. Consult the exit strategy


Legal Services for Seller:

1. Search for potential buyers

2. Company restructuring and pricing

3. Negotiation assistance: help the sellers to evaluate what buyers are offering such as price, technical support, voting rights ...

4. Support to draft the necessary documents to present to the potential investors

5. Technical support to the related transactions during the sale

6. Consult and support to handle issues arising after the deal


The best company in M&A cases in Vietnam, Dragon Law would like to bring the quality legal consultation for investors.


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