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1. Legal Basis:

- Law on Investment 2014

- Law on Enterprise 2014

2. Types of Foreign Investment into Vietnamese Company:

- Purchase of shares issued for the first time or additional shares of a joint stock company (JSC) through the purchase of shares of a JSC or company;

- Contribute capital to limited liability companies through the purchase of capital shares of members of limited liability companies to become members of limited liability companies;

- Contribute capital to partnerships through the purchase of capital contributions of capital-contributing members in partnerships to become capital-contributing members of partnerships;

- Contribute capital to Vietnamese companies in other forms.

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3. Conditions for Foreign Investors to Contribute Capital to Vietnamese Company:

- Foreign investors who contribute capital to a Vietnamese company must comply with the form of investment, scope of activities, Vietnamese partners involved in investment activities and other conditions under the provisions of international treaties which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member.

- Ownership of charter capital of foreign investors in Vietnamese companies is not restricted except in the following cases: the ownership of foreign investors in listed companies, public companies, security trading organizations and security investment funds in accordance with the law on security; the ownership ratio of foreign investors in equitized SOEs or other forms of ownership shall be in accordance with the law on equitization and conversion of state owned enterprises;

The percentage of ownership of foreign investors other than public companies, security trading organizations, investment funds and state enterprises shall comply with other relevant laws and treaties which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member.

- Foreign investors contribute capital, purchase shares or capital contributions to Vietnamese companies operating in conditional business lines and trades applicable to foreign investors;

- The contribution of capital, purchase of shares, contributed capital leads to foreign investors holding 51% or more of charter capital of the company of Vietnam.

4. Dossiers of Registration for Capital Contribution, Share Purchase or Capital Contribution: 

- The written record of capital contribution, share purchase and capital contribution includes the following contents: information on the economic organization in which the foreign investor intends to contribute capital, purchase shares or capital contribution; ownership of charter capital of foreign investors after capital contribution, share purchase or capital contribution to an economic organization;

- Copy of the identity card or passport for an individual investor; copy of the establishment certificate or other equivalent documents confirming the legal status of the institutional investor.

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