Prestigious law firm in investment will be on behalf of the investor to apply for land allocation, land lease, office lease, negotiate the lease contract.

Best company in investment in vietnam

Dragon Law also complete the file and apply for land use right certificates, seal specimen registration, tax code for investors.

Besides, Dragon Law shall advise the investors on import-export procedures, labor law consultancy and recruitment, consultancy on other legal issues related to investment activities in Vietnam such as:

1. Capital transfer, conversion of investment form, capital increase / reduction, expansion of business functions;

2. Tax incentives, tax rebates, tax exemptions;

3. Exemption from land rent, export bonus;

4. Registration of localization ratio, investment capital settlement;

5. Taxes, transaction contracts, economic and civil dispute resolution, intellectual property;

6. Draft company rules, company regulations, collective labor agreement, technology transfer;

7. Establishment of representative offices, branches of foreign investors in Vietnam and abroad.

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