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“Dear best law firm in Hanoi, Dragon Law Firm, now I and some neighbors have economic dispute. This dispute has been settled by the competent Court. Next time, I will not be in my resident place so can I take other person to representative for me to handle the dispute? How about the law? Thank so much for lawyer in dispute resolution of civil.”

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The Civil Law 2015 has the provision about the representative in two forms: legal representative and authorized representative. The legal representative regulated in Article 136 of the Civil Law 2015, including:

- The father and/or mother with respect to a mino.

- The guardian with respect to a ward.

- The person appointed by a court with respect to a person with limited  legal capacity.

- The manager of juridical persons according to the Charters of Juridical persons or the decision of competent Agency.

- Head of household with respect to household.

- The leader of co-operative groups with respect to co-operative groups.

- The others with regulation of law.

The authorized representative was stipulated in the Civil Law 2015 that the authorization must be made in writing.

Cases without Permit as Representative:

- They are also the involved parties in the same case with the represented persons where their legitimate rights and interests are contrary to those of the represented persons;

- They are acting as representatives at the Law in Civil Procedure 2015 for other involved parties whose legitimate rights and interests are contrary to those of the represented persons in the same case.

(Article 87, Code of Civil Procedure 2015).

Official or employees in the court, procuracy or police sectors must not act as representatives in civil procedure, except for cases where they participate in civil procedures in the capacity as representatives of their agencies or as representatives at law.

With the above provision about the representative in civil procedures, you can consider to choose and suggest your legal representative or your authorized representative participating in civil procedures when you can’t be at the below support:


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