Client should follow legal advice of lawyers in Dragon Law Firm in Hanoi on registering an industrial design to protect the intellectual results of intellectual property.

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In order to contribute to the protection of the intellectual property of enterprises and individuals engaged in creation and safety before their competitors in the market, famous law firm in design, Dragon Law Firm provides the service on the industrial design services.

Because of registration of industrial design, the design will be the exclusive design of the enterprise. Once the industrial design has been protected, the enterprise shall exclusively exploit industrial designs for commercial purposes (produce, put into circulation, export and import products bearing such industrial designs). During the period of industrial design protection, any person using such industrial property without the owner's permission will be considered as infringing upon the rights and be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Enterprises need to apply for registration of industrial design before putting products into the market. Because if enterprise bring products to market that have not registered protection is very easy to be imitated. If the imitators do the procedures for protection of industrial design before the enterprise, the enterprise will face many difficulties.

The National Office of Industrial Property only issues the sole patent for the earliest applicant of the co-applicants and those who meet the protection criteria (“first-in-first-out principle”).

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