Dragon Law has the experienced lawyers at proceedings, defense in court. We offer legal services as private lawyers to individuals, organizations.

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Lawyers for individuals and organizations:


1. Defense lawyer, advocate, legal representation for individuals, enterprises with the provisions of law

2. Lawyers consult in laws, provide legal document system regularly for individuals, organizations and enterprises

3. Evaluation of legal matters of business activities of enterprises, supervision activities of the organizational structure under authorization

4. Participation in negotiation to interests of Clients, litigation in the courts to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Clients as required

5. Evaluation of legal status, business information, and other activities of the Clients’ partners upon the request of Clients

6. Representative for Client to perform the administrative procedures with State authorities in accordance with the provisions of law.

For more legal services in criminal cases, please feel free to contact at:



Lawyer: Nguyen Minh Long

Email: dragonlawfirm@gmail.com

Phone: 098 301 9109

Headquarter: FL14.6, VIMECO Bldg, Lot E9, Pham Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay

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